CSA Shingle Application Guidelines

Technical Bulletin #33

Current as of August 2020

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) supports a roofing technical committee whose mission includes writing performance standards for asphalt shingle products. The committee recognizes that proper application of these shingle products is as important as the product’s quality for optimal consumer satisfaction. Accordingly, the committee has written and published a comprehensive shingle application document that is available to homeowners.

This document, CSA 123.51, updates previously available information to include the innovation and advancement that have occurred in the residential roofing market. Some of the critical aspects of shingle use and application the document highlights are:

  • Residential products such as laminated shingles, synthetic underlayments, self-adhesive eave protection membranes, and specialized accessories like starter strips and hip and ridge caps.
  • Enhanced drawings and diagrams of application details.
  • Explanatory notes that provides more detailed information regarding proper use and installation.
  • The document also combines the techniques and materials needed for best performance on varying roof slopes.

CASMA and its member companies fully support the contents of this document. This document is referenced in the National Building Code of Canada. For further information or to obtain a copy of this document, please visit the CSA website at http://shop.csa.ca/.

The information contained in this bulletin is for general education and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified contractor or direction on usage/installation from the manufacturer. Consumers should be aware of the safety hazards associated with work on roofs and, before doing so themselves, should consider following CASMA s advice of using qualified contractors. This bulletin may be reproduced with permission on condition that it be reproduced in whole, unedited, with attribution of copyright to CASMA.