CASMA's Objectives

The Following Are CASMA's Objectives

CANADIAN ASPHALT SHINGLE MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION (CASMA) is a corporation which was created on July 24, 1989 pursuant to the Canadian Corporation Act and continued under section 211 of the Canadian "not-for-profit" Corporation Act on October 12, 2012.

CASMA's objectives are:

  1. To ensure that the production and distribution of asphalt shingles in Canada occurs at the highest plane of efficiency, effectiveness and public service;
  2. To study and organize action on problems common to manufacturers of asphalt shingles in Canada;
  3. To collect and disseminate information and to provide a forum for the legitimate exchange of experience on industry matters among members;
  4. To cooperate in cases of common interest with the activities of other industry organizations formed to meet problems peculiar to the manufacture, distribution and sale of asphalt shingles in Canada;
  5. To work with government agencies in the development and enforcement of laws and regulations to protect the environment and the health and welfare of the public;
  6. To develop and maintain cooperative working relationships within each segment of the industry responsible for moving asphalt shingles from manufacturers to consumers; and
  7. To cooperate in improving and developing export markets for Canadian manufacturers of asphalt shingles.